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LKW was established in 2011 in response to the high demand of corporate clients and international non-profit charities. Stemming off of an established marketing firm in which provided result-driven sales techniques for Fortune 500 companies, LKW took the opportunity to broaden their focus towards a greater good .

For the past five years, face-to-face customer acquisitions have increased the results by over 300% for our Fortune 500 clients. Fully aware of this, LKW adopted this successful system and applied it to donor acquisitions for our non-profit charity clients. logo

The clutter of advertisements through mediums of Television, radio, magazines, billboards, and even social media outlets have created an obstacle for our charities to spread their message to the world. Charities have also come to a standstill because of the barrier between the viewers and these one-way forms of communication. “This campaign is not a logical campaign, but a very real and sensitive topic that calls for face-to-face interaction to be able to better educate the people on the urgency of the matter, as well as to be able to be more personable to each individual. You can’t expect a greater outcome by putting out one message in hopes to touch millions of hearts, ” says Hana Ko, President.

Our fundraisers make the most of their opportunity and acquire donors through many avenues: From making friends in residential neighborhoods to acquiring corporate donors, business to business. We enjoy promoting at professional sporting events as well as concerts and other various public events. Malls are natural hotspots to meet a variety of people who are already willing to give as well as the university setting where students are very much aware of the current events throughout the world.

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our goal

To enlighten the world around us and be the catalyst for change.

“What the mind of man can conceive and believe, the mind of a man can achieve.”

Napoleon Hill

our vision

At LKW, we foster the development of partnerships with individuals who have strong work ethic, passion and a desire to create a change. We cultivate these partnerships with those who possess entrepreneurial aspirations to grow internationally to help support the cause of our charities.

A Team Works Towards One Common Goal.


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